As new deity (God) ruler of Earth what is your first command?

I'm asking this question purely for fun and I ask that you have a little fun with this question as well.

As new deity (God) ruler of Earth what is your first command? You can do anything you want to the Earthlings. You can be creative.

  • Shower the Humans with gold, precious jewels
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  • End world hunger
    Vote B
  • Make Earthlings very smart, increase IQ to 999
    Vote C
  • Make it snow all the time hehe
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  • Allow the aliens to make first contact
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  • Fuck it Humanity is doomed and all sinners! *blows up the planet*
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  • Other (Please explain)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Cure all illnesses. Sorry if that's not fun. It's just what I would do.


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What Girls Said 2

  • To have everyone worship only me, so everyone will be united in worship. That way there will be no fighting over religion 😊i will remove every Goverment and govern the world myself. So everyone will have to abide by my Laws not human laws where there is injustice and patiality 😊

  • end world hunger or world peace.


What Guys Said 5

  • bend over bitches.

    jk. I really don't know. lol. ill fucking just leave earth and go do some cool shit elsewhere then post it all over instagram.

  • Showering people with precious materials will diminish the value of them, making them worthless. Ending world hunger involves more than just "ending" it. There's a whole lot more to it. How is it done? At the expense of what? Or is some form of nutrition automatically teleported into the stomach? Making every one too smart will decrease the amount of people willing to work the fields and factories, meaning the economy fill fall apart.
    But as the new ruler of the Earth, I'd give my power to the people. No single person deserves that much power.

  • 1st command?
    That I not be praised at all and that no wars or acts ever be done in my name... else I shall make it rain warm piss and snails

  • If i picked C, And make everyone very smart with an IQ of 999, They wouldn't be fucking retarded enough to actually believe in me anymore xD

    • But you would exist in that scenario. What's retarded about believing in something that actually exists?

    • It was a joke man.

      Im just saying how its retarded anyone could actually say there is a god for 100 percent certainty.

  • Wait wait... So I'm getting omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, and can bend the entirety of nature and other laws of the universe to my every whim?

    Do we really want that? Do we really want the Church of Fierce?

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