80s music poll: Favorite album by Genesis/Roxy Music?

When 70s bands try to go 80s…. they sound kinda “out-of-their-place” actually. But among da options I’d go wid “Invisible Touch”….“Invisible Touch” was a great album indeed and by far my fav album Genesis ever released :)

especially "Land Of Confusion" was awesome and pretty 80s comin from a 70s band without being "out-of-place"

  • Duke (Genesis)
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  • Abacab (Genesis)
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  • Genesis (Genesis)
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  • Invisible Touch (Genesis)
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  • Flesh And Blood (Roxy Music)
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  • Avalon (Roxy Music)
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  • I chose Duke out of the ones you asked but I like Live in Europe the best. Invisible Touch was a good album and I have it but its so far from what they used to sound like that it's hard to tell its them. I'm into progressive rock big time and the only prog song on that album is Domino which is my favorite on that album. Duke was their last truly prog rock album

    • actually many 60s-70s bands/artists during 80s tried to make their sound more "80s-ish" by addin synths and electronic drums to their recordings. But for some reason they didn't sound as good as new 80s bands by then. Invisible Touch did pretty well though

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    • Edgar Winter, Emerson Lake and Palmer

    • eh sorry i'm not so good in 70s music... i know only from 1977 and on since new-wave started

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  • I will go with Avalon because I think the song itself is one of the sexiest slow songs ever.

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