When you are summoned for jury duty, what does "for a term of 1 trial for 5 month's" mean exactly?

Does this mean I could simply be "on call" for the length of the trial, or I actually have to sit in the courtroom for 5 months? I'm in the middle of planning my wedding overseas AND taking courses Wed/Sat AND have a full time job! I can't imagine having to sit in a courtroom for 5 months on top of everything else!


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  • Basically what anon posted.

    That means that you are listed as a potential juror for any case within the next five months. You could get called tomorrow, or you may get called four months, and twenty nine days from now.

    You can actually go to the courthouse and ask for a pass, so as to exclude you from this round, if you have a good reason. I'm not sure that planning for a wedding counts, but if your wedding date is within that five month period, you may be eligible for a pass.

    They can potentially through you right back into the next pool, though, as soon as this five month cycle has ended.

    • Thank you, that makes much more sense. I'm just worried if I purchase plane tickets, or if I have an exam and then get called to serve. I can easily get ticket insurance, but I can't afford to miss an exam... and I'm the only one at my firm who can do my job, so if I get called to serve during a day we are doing quarter end reporting I am not sure what to do. I don't mind serving at all; in fact, I find it very interesting if you can get a good case. It's just the timing has me worried considering all the "big" stuff I have going on within the next few months.

    • I believe you can also get a letter from your employer asking that you be exempted from this particular round, as well. Just ask the courthouse for a form that your company can fill out.

      In the case of you being the only one available to do your job, they will likely honor it.

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  • You are in the jury pool. You will have to go if called and if selected to be part of the jury for that trial you will have to sit for the entire length, it could be more than 5 months, however long the trial lasts. if you are not picked you may have to come back and see if you get picked for another trial. You remain in the pool of potential jurors for 5 months.

    • If you want to get out of being in the trial just tell them you are prejudiced against something about the defendant. Try to be a good citizen but if you're in a tight spot you have to do what you have to do.

    • To be honest, I know it's important to do jury duty and I'm not trying to get out of it because I'm evading... I just can't imagine having to do it at this point in time when I'm already bogged down with other things at the moment. I'm not saying the everyone has a stress-free easy life... but I have a lot of "big" things going on all at once and I don't think being a stressed juror is the best thing for me OR the defendant.

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