Is it okay to push people down the stairs because it seems fun?

Have you ever gotten the urge the flight urge where you just want to push midgets down the stairs anyone body down the stairs because it'd be really funny? Let's say my aunt was being a cunt like the normal behaviour she shows If I said grenade and pushed her down the stairs would it be okay, what if I paid someone to throw a grenade in the house to make it more believable please no falling down the stairs victims because they'll obviously be biased

I put this under guys behaviour than family but it kept going to sexual behaviour when I did either, I don't understand why this website keeps putting under sexual behaviour does that mean they think this question is sexy? Because I dont, it's a serious question and I want answers so I can start my journey


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  • "please no falling down the stairs victims" lolololol


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  • I do not think its a good thing to push anyone down the stairs


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