Is it true that if someone is jealous of you, their jealousy is stronger than their guilt?

For example... even if they did something really uncool, they will feel bad about it temporarily. But then they'll watch you get better and get right back to being jealous.


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  • actually the magnitude of their guilt would have stired up the jealousy to grow grudge.

    • Hmm? Sorry I don't think I understand.

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    • in their logic, those sympathy and guilt is for the person they were hurting at that specific flash not for the real person whom is in recovery. meanwhile they continued to whimsically characterize this person to a weaker, smaller, rosier figure, this point this figure really not the same one as in reality, the guilt is very strong now and haunting them.

      when this person began to feeling of get back on feet , and he/she really different from the imaginative figure they came up with, they start to lose the sympathy for this person, they think he/she don’t need their sympathy because it’s complete futile and wasted of their time and efforts. then without sympathy, they feel they have been con into done this, and this time grudge holding up

    • With the days and days this person doing better , even more enjoyed the life than theirselves, they think of the moment they spent in suffered and sympathized, how stupid they were, they begin to raising up jealousy, they don’t want this person has better life than their own that proved how stupid they worried about him/her, how ironic to feel for this person in the first place, they probably think they should have hurted him/her more , while they’re in bad mood, and this person is getting better everyday it seems not fair to them. it’s hatred, not just jealousy now.

      This just personal psychological dissection, not certain for accurateness, for reference only.

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  • I doubt it to be true. Everyone is different, this is a generalization.