State of Georgia: Unemployment laws when a small business is sold?

My father has owned a small retail business for 35 years, and he just sold the company. The new owners have agreed to keep anyone who wants to stay on, but my father would really like to fire a particular employee.

He's not very reliable, and he goofs up a lot, but not enough to warrent being fired without collecting unemployment. In short, he's not willfully negligent or insubordinate, but he causes more problems than he is worth. He takes advantage of the discounts and free access to certain products. He takes liberties to avoid certain customers by eating, or making personal phone calls, which we do allow, so long as you call from the company phone and limit yourself to no more than 5 minutes.

The reason that my dad has never fired him is because he didn't want to have to pay unemployment. He's considered full-time at 32 hours under Georgia law.

If he is fired, my sister would get more hours when the new owners take over, and she's already co-managing the place. Yeah, basically my dad wants to help my sister, and to teach the guy a lesson.

My question is, if my dad fired him now, after the sale has been finalized, but before the new onwers have officially taken over, would my father, or the new owners have to pay him any benefits? I'm askng on his behalf, and I'm a neutral party with no real opinion on the ethics.


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  • YES THEY WOULD, I own my own company and he collect benefits from the business depending on what type of license you have?

    • I'm not privy to that information, but it's a liquor store. Who would have to pay? Us, them, or the business?

    • The business model doesn't matter, what matters is how he filed for his license? Is he a corporation, llc, sole proprietorship, or a partnership?

    • Ah, gotcha. It's either LLC or Inc.

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