How busy are you?

I've been crazy busy lately, working upwards of 40 hours a week, juggling 3 musical projects... performing, practicing, recording, writing... golf league... It barely feels like I sleep anymore! lol

How busy are you guys?


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  • Yeah, crazy busy too. It's been a while since I've posted on here. I have two big experiments running simultaneously this week, have to work on data analysis from last week's results, and I have a poster to present in a week to our department, the majority of which I'll probably work on this weekend because there's just no time during the week. I'm supposed to be doing 40 hours, but it works out to more like 60. I only have a couple hours in the evenings that I use to hit the gym, eat dinner, shower, relax for a bit, sleep, and then everything starts all over at 7.

    • Sounds interesting! What do you do? I'm in a similar boat though, I've had very little time for GaG lol.

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    • That sounds interesting! Yeah, it's important to find the right fit. I feel like I found my niche working at this company, so I'm happy about that. There's a chance they'll want to hire me full-time when the internship is over, so I'm hoping for that.

      That's really cool that you play in a couple bands! Takes a lot of skill and creativity to come up with your own music and everything. Sounds like fun too. I've played piano for a while, but I've gotten a bit out of touch with it recently. I'll have to refresh my memory and play again. I do miss it.

    • Ohh yeah, I kinda feel that way too with where I'm at... they've already kept me a lot longer than they usually keep interns so it seems inevitable but I don't know, it doesn't always feel "right" there... but yes, good luck with your internship!

      You should pick up the "keys" again! Pretty much the most versatile instrument ever. You can do anything with a piano. I'm thinking about getting a synthesizer myself. They are awesome...

      It was so weird today though, I was just offered to play in yet another band! 😭😭😭 Whyyyyy? Lol... Granted a couple of the things I do are very spread out and on spare time, and they're likely to die down a bit soon for a while, so I might be able to pull it off... but like to have a 4th musical outlet would just be crazy. School is starting again soon too. Ughh...

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  • I've been crazy busy.

    But everything is falling into place perfectly now
    and I can once again enjoy life, the way I want. ^.^

    • Kinda feels like that for me too... I feel very productive and am rarely bored, which is great considering how the majority of the last few years have been. It's just like everything all started happening at once though and it's like, a little bit hard to handle sometimes. Makes me wonder why things couldn't have happened a little more "spread out" or whatever... more gradually over time.

    • Yeah.. but at least it may be over when
      it's done, so that we may have fun in the end. ^.^

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  • I'm pretty busy. I have an internship with a security department at a hospital, I am a manager at a fast food restaurant, and I am taking a summer class. Plus I'm trying to figure out a social life. It may not sound busy to some people, but to me, who typically only has to work at my management position during the summer, it's a slap in the face to how busy things are going to be.

    • Ooo, nice! How do you like the internship? I can relate to the social life aspect as well... Music is really taking over my free time right now, like I don't understand why all of the sudden lol. Pretty wild...

    • I love it, actually. It's the highpoint of my day.

  • Barely busy :( I need to make it so I have less free time.

    • That sounds pretty good to me... Then again, I've been going hard for almost a year straight. More free time for me please! :P

  • Not busy at all... I'm literally doing nothing latelyπŸ˜‚

    • That actually sounds kinda good to me at the moment... A bit of a break would be nice.

  • I'm basically a slave at work 😑


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