PROOF the world's top politicians, bankers, and leaders worship Lucifer?


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  • This is no secret. Rumor says illuminati members are obligated to eat shit hors d'oeuvres and participate in bestiality.. also they say the elite come from a long line of hybrids from ancestors in power who were specifically chosen to mate with aliens.. then there talk of reptilians and they say Hitler was a devil worshipping freemason.. etc. there's a lot of weird stuff out there who really knows what's true and what isn't..

    • If you actually research the UFO thing, you eventually come to the conclusion it's a demon thing, not an alien thing. What a total mindfuck for me upon discovering that.

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    • Normal people do beastiality too 😉😅😂😭😑

    • @Trenbolone123 Nothing about that is "normal" 😕

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  • They worship God. Lucifer is the good guy. Did you know the satanic bible says that you treat animals with respect?

    • And who created the animals?

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  • LMFAO. You sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist.
    Unless you personally know them because you have taken the time to get to know them or they have officially announced that they worship Lucifer, you can't just go around proclaiming who total and complete strangers are.

  • Yeah, I know this already


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