Thoughts on this song?

I love this song. What's your thoughts?

Woops I didn't mean to be anonymous


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  • I think you're a wicked child for liking this song. lol


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  • Far from their best but it's alright. Hail to the Thief is my least favorite album of theirs, though maybe King of Limbs was worse.

    • Really? Worse than Pablo honey?

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    • Yeah I think HTTT is their most underrated album. It's overshadowed by Kid A/ Amnesiac which are probably the two best ever (in my opinion obviously lol) but HTTT is good in its own right. Funny ebough I'm not a huge fan of In Rainbows

    • Heh I don't know if you can say Radiohead has any other underrated albums. I enjoyed In Rainbows a good deal actually, though I think it says a lot when someone says it's their favorite album of theirs. It's not their best but it felt like them just having fun and being great solid musicians. I thought their Scotch Mist performance of all their In Rainbows songs (and that New Order and Smiths cover) was pretty outstanding. Anyway it's nice to see that some younger people are discovering and enjoying Radiohead.