How many broken cell phones or chargers have you gone through?

Its ridiculous how easily these chargers break. Its just as ridiculous how easy a screen can crack.


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  • The only time I broke a phone was when I accidentally put it though the wash and I've never broken a charger as long as you don't count where my cat chewed on it.


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  • Two broken phones and no broken chargers but a lot of damaged ear buds.

    • I cracked my screen for the first time when I had my android last year. Now I have an iphone and I've gone through like 5 chargers in just some months. Its ridiculous!!!

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    • I have a case on my iphone. I didn't have one on my android. I dont understand why Apples chargers tear easily

    • Lol I just noticed you said a lot of messed up headphones. I dont even use mine

  • I think about 4 charges in the last few months.