I don't know what my future will be?

Im a student and I don't have a dream job. Actually I don't even have any hobbies. I just stay in my room watching tv series and YouTube.
My grades aren't that good mostly Cs and Ds and I don't I will make it to university. I only have one year left to Improve my grades but I think it's impossible. if I make it to university I have non idea which course to take
Is anyone one of you in my position? Or was in it? How did you overcome it?
I really have no idea of what my future will be like


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  • Maybe try to get into film and TV given that you watch a lot of TV series and YT.

    It's such a young age to have everything figured out - I'm 24 and I know certain things that I like but not everything. I didn't figure anything out until after Uni and even then I switched careers. I actually work for myself because I find this easier as taking orders from somebody doesn't suit my character or personality.

    Do you have a PT job? I would see what it's like to actually work in the real world and go from there.

    You kinda have some sort of idea that you want to make it to Uni, so education is a factor in your life. I think this is a phase where you're drifting a little bit tbh.


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  • Intern somewhere


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  • Take baby steps. Focus on your grades. You can raise them it is very much possible. Take up a hobby or two. Don't worry about your future. It does you no good because anything can change in the future. Just make some goals that can be accomplished in the present.