Do u like bob marley songs?

I love this guy I love every song he made he is GREAT


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  • Yes, I do like Bob Marley quite a lot. Though he tends to be a little too mainstreamish in my opinion. A lot of people who soooort of like Reggae but are not very much into the real reggae music like Bob Marley because his music is very upbeat and his songs are very pop-music-like in the sense that they all deal with simple stuff such as love.
    Personally, my favorite reggae musician is Peter Tosh. He also died very young, just like Marley. He was shot on the way to one of his concerts. Peter Tosh was kind of like the Beethoven of reggae music. His songs mostly deal with topics such as equal rights, discrimination of black people and general socio-critical views of the world. He is an extremely political musician... sort of like the Bob Dylan of reggae music. He carried around with him this pain about how broken the world is and, at the same time, the hope that he could heal it through music. This is a very typical idea of original reggae. Unfortunately, Bob Marley kind of let go of these things.
    I also like Peter Tosh better than Bob Marley because I've heard some rather bad things about some of Marley's opinions. Apparently, he was quite homophobic. I like Peter Tosh because he was this real activist for humanist ideals. He was in favor of equal rights for black people, women, gays... and everyone else.

  • Yeah of course. I love reggae. It's sad he died young. You can also try ziggy marley too, he is also good like his father

  • It's all I grew up with. Definitely not my favourite though