I'm depressed.. I have no one to turn to.. Please help me?

My heart keeps sinking.. I'm alone and I have nobody to talk to.. Ever since school ended and the bullying stopped I was happy.. Then I tried making other people happy and it fucking killed me.. My chest hurts from all the scratching.

If you wanna message me privately feel free to ask.


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  • You need to seek professional help and talk to your parents. Not random people on the internet.

    • My parents hate me, my father's in rehab, and my mom's an alcoholic. I trust people from the Internet more than them on any day.

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    • "I can't just talk to anyone. Except random people on the internet..."

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  • Look dude you gotta man up at some point and do something for yourself right now you are so dull that you could care what happens and you just lay there being beaten. Get up shapen your wits and get a GRIP! And go get help for god-sakes.


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  • You need to get enough sleep and start eating more cream and coconut/olive oil. Eat some high fat percentage meat. Get in a fight and win, hit on random girls you think are sexy... Who cares what the fuck happens... At em doggy andale