I'm dying on the inside?

This is killing me, I'm actually so sad. My phone won't charge with a normal iPhone 6 apple charger. The guy at the store said that my phone has low voltage or something. How do I fix it?

I know this is bad, but I decided to take a shower with my phone. I kept it on the counter though and I kept drying it. Do I need to buy a new one?


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  • Ok first off if you ever decide to try this again stick a waterproof case on it first otherwise just don't risk it.

    That being said, never use a blow dryer to dry it cause you may push the water more in.

    Now what you'll wanna do in a situation like this:

    Remove the SIM card and any casing you have on it right now as well as removing any headphones connected to it.
    Lay it down on a soft towel and dry it then try to vacuum up whatever moisture you can.
    Now stick it in an absorbing material like silica gel packs, if you don't have that then try to put it in dry uncooked rice and rotate it around every 1-1.5 hours till you knock out.
    When you wake up, go put it on another dry absorbent towel and leave it there for 6 hours. If you see moisture evidence after 6 hours repeat the vacuum steps till this point again.

    Now after having waited at least 24 hours:
    Take the phone and check for any water in the crevices (where you stick the SIM or the charger for example).
    If you don't see any water or moisture evidence then turn the phone on and pay close attention to the boot procedure (what you see on screen and what it sounds like).

    If it still doesn't work go take it into Apple cause unless you know what you're doing I don't recommend you taking the phone apart by yourself.


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  • With iPhone's the USB charger tends to have life
    expendency of a year. Buy another Apple USB cord charger for your phone (a genuine one) if that doesn't work, then it's fried. It's probably the moisture that has been caught up in it (if you take it in the shower with you)

    You can get it repaired anywhere at any phone stall shops.

    • I got a new charger with less voltage. And it's charging. But the genuine iPhone 6 charger isn't working. My parents also have iPhone 6s but their chargers only work on theirs now and not mine.

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    • Yeah, I've had to do this for my other phone. But it was for another reason. This really helped. Thanks

    • Glad I could help

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  • Stick your phone in a bag of rice, it will attract Asians to come fix your phone.
    No but really, who tf takes a shower with their phone lmao? The rice will absorb the water inside it.

  • put your phone in a bag of rice and in the morning it should be perfect