You ever notice how when something bad happens something else mpre interesting happens?

like when obama passes a bad bill (which i can't remember the name) a few days later the shootings happen and the guy didn't really get in trouble for it and then right after that gay marriage came.. and then the flag nonsense...

and when akon donated a few hundred millions of dollars to africa and also gave them electricity caitlyn jenner came out at the same time and was on every magazine

and even right now that woman that moved to texas for her new job "commited suicide" with a trash bag and as soon as it starts getting some notice some idol/musicians start up some twitter beef..

seems pretty fishy if you ask me.. and what prison cell has a trash can in it really what are they going to throw away time?


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  • Yeah I've noticed.


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  • so do u believe everything's set? hell naw bro... tsk tsk

    but didn't know about wot akon did... good to know dat was nice of him :D

    • I don't think it's set I think it's intentional the guy donated 600 million dollars and did more and all it took was a celebrity changing their gender for it to go almost completely unnoticed until it was forgotten

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    • yeah its a trend I've noticed a lot lately so everytime something that catches my interest happens or some celebrity does something stupid i check cnn and different recent (3 days to current) news to see if im being distracted from something. now that i think about it when the whole ebola thing was going on something happened and then suddenly ebola was never mentioned on the new again

    • guess i know sth when i say... i never watch/read news :p

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