Has anyone seen that movie The beach. The Danny Boyle film. Who would you have preferred as the main character Leonardo dicaprio or Ewan McGregor?

Apparently it was originally supposed to be Ewan McGregor that played the main part but him and Danny Boyle had an argument because Leonardo Dicaprio was quite popular at the time and he wanted to use him for the movie. Who would you think would have been better.

  • Leonardo Dicaprio
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  • Ewan McGregor
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What Girls Said 1

  • Leo did a phenomenal job in that movie! It's one of my favs!

    • Yeah it's my favourite film and book. I like both actors but for some reason I kinda think young Ewan McGregor would actually be quite good too imagine he got it instead that would be quite weird but cool. He was amazing in train spotting

What Guys Said 1

  • Ewan McGregor was past the stage where he could play a kid doing some travelling, also it wouldn't have worked with a scottish/american accent.

    • I think I'm the only one who would of preferred Ewan McGregor haha. Have you seen him in that new movie "Son of a gun" I enjoyed it

    • nah, he's been good in a bunch of stuff but the beach just wouldn't have worked with him in it.

    • If you say so I think it would have been equally good tho but that's just my opinion