Do you think UK is controlled by women?

It seems that women are more priviliged in UK than women legally and socially, what do you think?


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  • No it's controlled by immigrants.

    • Not really, only 8 million immigrants live in UK.

    • and one political party conveniently lost control of the borders to let them all in, they live off the state for a generation or two until their 10 kids become accountants and doctors, the kids only will vote for that party because they favor foreigners and dependents over hard working indigenous people. 8million covers how they'll out compete people who were born there. The Brits are being purged by multiculturalism and the rest of the world laughs at you.

    • Haha, i am foreign and my family live off the Government so i can see where you are coming from, UK is a shit country, it's only good for benefits henc why we are here.

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  • no land on this earth's controlled either by guys or gals xclusively... we r fuckin equal ;)

  • 650 MPs for the 2015 general election: 459 men vs 191 women.

    So there you go, that took me a big 1 minute to find, though I doubt you're interested in facts. The UK is mostly controlled by men.

    • What about social standards? don't you think that women are treated better than men?

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    • You misunderstood, by saying "control" i meant privileged and treated better. UK is very old fashioned and feminized along with America compared to other countries from what i have seen. I see this as a problem because it's not fair and i am living here.

    • Men privileged compared to women? where did you get that from? men are never treated equally in law as well, you must have a different kind of view of how men and women are treated in UK, have you ever been here? if not, you don't have a basis for your answer in my opinion.

  • I live in the UK and I can't see how woman are priviliged over men here.