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I understand fully this site is more about relationships, dating and sex, but i'm coming to a critical choice in my life and i want to hear opinions from people i don't know at all, so i'm going to university in a years time and, since i'm British, and i pretty sure everyone else does this but i have to plan ahead to where i want to go, i've been wanting to go abroad for university and recently have been in contact with two universities in very different places, one is a university in orlando, Florida called the full sail university, and another is in lithuania called Mykolas Romeris univeristy which is partnered with a university in south korea (so two years in lithuania and two years in south korea). I love foreign cultures and learning about them, but i'm doing a course related to computing so it doesn't have a real factor in location, but still, a different culture is a different culture and america has a vastly different culture to britain too. i could also stay in Britain, i've found six universities in Britain i like, ranging from Brighton to Chester, all with great courses, however the university in america is specific to my course and is more likely to offer better teaching, plus i've always wanted to go to america, i'm leaning slightly towards america at the moment, but i thought i might get Gagger input to help my decision, so what would you do in this situation? would you go to lithuania, whould you go to florida? or would you stay in britain ( i thought i might point out, in order of expenses, lithuania is cheapest and america is the most expensive)


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  • Well I can tell you that Full Sail University is a well respected collage over here and all over the world and people will know that collage and will be far more impressed by it rather than a degree from lithuania which is a country some people haven't even heard of also as a side note I know that British guys have some sort of magical powers over American girls and girls in folrida are very attractive... all though that shouldn't change where you go to university it is one of the perks


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  • Full Sail is somewhat of a joke university, but okay.

    I live in the U. S., and I'd probably go to Lithuania and SK just for the adventure.

    • What do you mean by joke university?

    • It's kind of a "diploma mill". Anyone who can afford it can get in, and I think a lot of kids who just wanna become a video game developer or do "fun tech things" goes there.
      I guess you could get something out of it if you put effort in though, like almost any college.