What kind of dream is this?

Where I'm somewhat in control. I am kind of aware it's not real, but kind of not. I have a limited amount of control. I can use my voice, turn my head, look around, but all other actions are done by the dream me. I can feel fear, anger, sadness, and downright terror, but can't do shit. If it's a normal dream, I can actually wake myself up. If its scary, I'm trapped. To make matters worse, scary dreams are ones I have the most control over, almot lucid which SUCK because I can't escape no matter how hard I try. I rarely will feel the happy emotions, but rather all emotions related to fear.

I can kinda/sorta touch things, move things, but mostly am not in control and see myself in a 3rd person view. Usually my dreams contain something chasing me.

What kind of dreaming am I getting into?

I thought lucid dreams were like I have full control, where in these dreams its kinda sorta. Like I don't control where I walk, who I go with, what I'm doing. I control head movement basically. I can kind of grasp things, but not really.

I do have a lucid dream with NIGHTMARES which is whats scaring me.


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  • Ever heard of a lucid dream?
    You should google it :)


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  • Awesome you're naturally able to lucid dream which means you're probably able to astral project as well Do what @MindPalace said you should research it


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