Which Army Advert do you like better?

1) - American / Symbol Of Strength

2) - Britsh / Be The Best

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  • 2 / British
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  • Probably the British, the American one is kinda like a video game ad.

    • Mhmm, I think the American one looks prettier, But, it seems to steer away from the fact you are joining the army and makes it look more like a fun club with nothing but goodness, When in reality there is a good chance you will come back in a body bag.

    • Yeah, I was gonna mention that, it looks designed to attract people who are lost or have nothing.

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  • American military advert based around a message of "strength"? c'mon... that's blatant false advertising. The US Military hasn't won a war since the revolutionary war - and considering all the confederate flag supporters around and how they lost half to the French and half to Mexico, they didn't do a great job of that one either. Strength? pffft.

  • British one had a cooler song as well as guns actually being used and an explosion. US one did have a lot of cool footage, but it seems like they're holding back anything action related which makes it less interesting to watch.