Do people not realize hawaiian is an ethnic group?

I live in what I consider a pretty nice place, Hawaii. I travel quite a bit and hope to get into a university outside of Hawaii and whenever I go somewhere I notice something that bothers me just a little bit. "Wow I've never met a hawaiian before!" Yes, person that looks like they are about 30 on the plane you have not, and your not meeting one right now because Im not hawaiian. People who live outside of Hawaii, please, please please do not call everyone from Hawaii a hawaiian. I know thats a think like oregonion or californian but you have to understand hawaiian is a race. Hawaii is an island, its original inhabitants were hawaiians therefore hawaiian is an eithnic group and not everyone from hawaii is part of that ethnic group. To us it's the same as saying something along the lines of "oh jee your neighbors are all white you must be white," to someone who is Asian. It just doesn't make sense and is incorrect. There are a number of other things people do to people from hawaii that make us rather upset but since this thing isn't talked about much I just liked to shead some light on it. I also get that it could be exciting to meet someone from somewhere new but there is a difference between excitement and being rude and incorrect.


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  • i dont think they do.


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  • get over yourself honey


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