Internet addiction?

So I am 17 and have been using the computer since I could hold a mouse. I constantly feel the need to check my social media and catch up to everything whenever I have the opportunity. I go on the computer in the morning as soon as I find a break and then I get on and have a really hard time getting off. Then when I get home from work I get on at 5:30-6:30 and stay on until 11-11:30 and even then sometimes I am on it even longer because it feels impossible to get off. Would you consider this an addiction as I feel like this makes me dependent? I told my boyfriend last night and he came up with time limits for me to help me unplug a little more.


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  • Yes, it Is an 'Addiction' here, dear, but Something in which you Also Enjoy and find Is... Enlightening.
    However, as long as it doesn't affect your life or your job or even your school work, I don't have a problem with it. Just make sure it isn't this Priority over something more special and That would Be.. Your soul mate here, dear.
    He is making Certain Stipulations now which is telling me he is feeling Your Gain with His Pain. And with that being said, the writing on the wall and all is telling me that you should both come to some sort of cozy compromise and get on the same page so No one... Limits themselves in Anything.
    Good luck. xx

    • He didn't notice anything... I told him about it and he is just helping me.

    • Okay, good. Sounds like a keeper.:)) xxoo

    • Thank you so much for allowing me to lend a helping hand behind the computer curtain.:)) xxoo

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  • You could try setting yourself specific tasks for when you use the computer. For example: Check emails and social media messages and reply to any if needed. (Task completed. Take a ten minute break)
    Then you can possibly devote that ten minute break to a non-computer task or whatever.
    Try and turn that into a habit and you'll soon find yourself using your computer time more efficiently with no craving to randomly surf or look at pictures of cats. In fact you may develop a slight impatience whilst using the computer if it is not for a specific task.
    Of course this all relies on self-discipline and may require the assistance of someone you trust who possesses patience yet knows how to motivate you without aggravating you.

  • Psychology defines addiction as anything that negatively affects your daily life and you cannot stop at all without outside help. You would also go through sickening withdrawels from not using the internet.
    Unless you are losing friends, missing work or losing money from your internet use then it's not an addiction. It's just your hobby.

    • It may not be an addiction but it certainly past a hobby. I don't know if you just skimmed my blurb but I clearly said not being on the internet causes me anxiety and that isn't normal for a hobby.

  • what is there so interesting in the internet? I find it no use other than helping my homework... check news, download things and watch porn

    • I have facebook, ask. fm, pinterest, hotmail, gag, and trying out Qfeast

    • Qfeast? what is that?
      I watch YouTube videos... umm new technology stuff (on ig) lol I got only 10 friends on fb 😂😂😂

    • I don't know... some website where you can do quizzes, ask questions, stuff like that... not liking it that much though

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  • Hahahah I'd say that's kind of an addiction, yeah

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