Where can I find a job to work from home?

I am looking for a job that I can do from home.. however it is not as easy to find one as I thought. Someone told me data entry. Just typing things from papers to a computer. That sounds perfect! How do I find this?


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  • a job u could at home is anything related wid video-games. r u interesed in such a thing?

    • I am not much of a gamer.
      I play minecraft and that's about it.

    • anyway... anything related wid computer-work can be done at home

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  • how about search Craigslist? There are all sorts of jobs on there but be careful of weirdos

  • Most of the stuff that's online or whatever, are scams. If you truly want to go in to business at home, you'd have to be an entepreneur. My mom works out of the house as a graphic designer. I have no brothers and sisters and I hated baby sitters, so, she decided to work at home but still have a legit career

  • If you're working from home, better to get acquainted well with Google...


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