I love girl but it's hard to be in relationship?

I really love her, I do. She likes me too. We met at party, talked for more than 6 hours and also we were watching stars. Smilled a lot, but she's from other country. I'm only 18 (soon 19) and I don't have driver licence yet. It's about 3 hours to her place.

I love girl but it's hard to be in relationship?
We talked today for first time, she said that she miss me etc.. that she want to be with me.
Thank you for your help and have a wonderful day ;)

Is it possible that will work? I really have feelings for her it's just not some girl, it's really kind girl, can't explain ;)


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  • As long as you have internet, email, Skype and text you can stay in contact through a long distance relationship. Then when you get your license it will be easier to visit her.

    • thanks... there's also one option called drivers site where you can offer and get driving from other people who have place in car.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • What's the question?

    • The question is can this work? sorry

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    • Soz. Well you are only 3 hours apart and obviously in this modern day era, we can travel relatively easily.

      Only you two can decide whether you can make this work by working out how often you are going to see each (meet in the middle of each other's locations) or stay over for a weekend, etc. and only by being around each other more often will you see whether a relationship can work. You have to factor in college/Uni as well. You need to sit down and discuss with each other what it is you actually want from this set up. Good luck with all.

    • yes it will work, I will do my best. She's going sadly to Netherland which is 13 hours (by car which is cheaper) away but she's got own room I need to get some money to come to her place for few weeks.

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  • Long distance relationship... I got one over I don't know 4h time difference... still in beta stage... so it will work.
    You just need to have a well base... and the trust... hardworking.. it will be hard with emotions and feelings...
    You can send letters... Snapchat... send her funny videos... do Skype... etc etc

    • I hope it will work out, yeah emotions that suck. I really miss her. I just want to hug her :)

    • Me too...😕 just to cute cute stuff and keep her smile... I'm just crushing on her too... Anyway good luck 👍
      If need any help or tip... don't hesitate to ask 👍

  • Making a long distance relationship work is hard especially if you don't have transportation to them. If you have method to talk to her and stay revelant in her life it can have a chance.

    • yess I'll do my best.