What are some low budget meal ideas that can be cooked reasonably fast?

I'm on a budget and my parents will supply me 15 bucks a week to feed myself well at school. I ate out all last year and wrecked my savings and now I've taught myself to cook. This summer I've lived on hotdogs, pb and J, scrambled eggs, grilled chicked breast and grilled cheese. I've lost a lot of weight the last year and now I'm trying to gain it back because my doctor said I'm 10 pounds underweight. The only idea I had for snacks which turned out well is captian crunch, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter sundays.


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  • ramen is the best.

    • I can mess that ocassinally its cheap and easy. I just need to gain weight back quick.

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  • 1: ramen noodles. For 12 bucks you can get 2 weeks of ramen.

    2: a hungery man

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