My girlfriend likes to over exaggerate stories but she thinks she is being followed by someone after work, should I go with her one day and see?

My girlfriend is beautiful girl and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She work at a resort/hotel type of place. So she thinks that this guy is following her to her for about a week now. She tells me it's the same guy and she told me his car is parked in the same lot as hers Now i don't want to sound rude but my like to exaggerate things. i told her maybe the guy is a tourist or maybe he is staying for sometime. My girlfriend is scared to go to work now. She called her boss but she said that they will keep an eye out for this.

I work tonight and she wants me to take time off of work to basically sit int he parking lot and look at the guy. She says he is around where she works some of the time. I'am scared for my girlfriend, but i took last week work off and I don't know if my boss will let me today. What do you think about this?

I have work this night and she wants me to come. but if i skip work again I don't know how my boss might react, should i help my gf?


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  • You should go with Her.

    • she is really creeped out but she parks where other people park and she thinks it's weird because this guy has no family apparently and he always leaves when she leaves. But i don't want to automatically "assume". But she is scared.

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