Did I make him feel like he wasn't smart?

So I remember when I was in class, I asked someone a question and they weren't able to answer it to my annoyance.

I remember this guy looking at me so... in shock. He started stuttering at my rudeness.

I've noticed during a presentation as well, when I look at him, he'll start fumbling with his words.

We were in line to ask a question to industry seniors, and after five minutes of standing behind me, he sort of went right back to his place and didn't ask it.

Was he scared to say something dumb and then me making fun of him? I didn't even realize I may have come across as rude/thinking I'm better than everyone else when I've behaved like this.


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  • Lining up to ask questions? That seems like a poor teaching method, surely if the person at the front asked a question that was interesting to the person at the back then they'd lose out?
    But as the others said, I think you're over thinking it, maybe he's just a nervous guy.


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  • This whole thing could be just in your mind. Stop over thinking. Or maybe you like the guy?

    • A lot of people have told me I intimidate them.

  • You're most likely overthinking things and his behavior has nothing to do with you.


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