80s music poll: favorite album by Peter Gabriel/Phenomena?

From PG I liked his “3” album (aka Melt) …. it was more new-wavish and closer to da sound I prefer…

Phenomena were a supergroup wid many musicians being involved wid it…and they released 2 very nice AOR albums back in da 80s…. my choice would be their debut among these options :D

  • Peter Gabriel 3 (aka Melt) (Peter Gabriel)
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  • Peter Gabriel 4 (aka Security) (Peter Gabriel)
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  • Birdy (Soundtrack) (Peter Gabriel)
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  • So (Peter Gabriel)
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  • Passion (Soundtrack) (Peter Gabriel)
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  • Phenomena (Phenomena)
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  • Phenomena II (Phenomena)
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  • I picked Peter Gabriel because I thought at the time his sound innovative ( I wouldn't know enough to pick an album )


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