Alex Turner or Julian Casablancas?

Alex Turner or Julian Casablancas?!?


I'm bored, pick them for whatever reason.

  • Alex Turner, because he's cute.
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  • Alex Turner, because I'm a fan.
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  • Alex Turner, because he's cute and I'm a fan.~
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  • Julian Casablancas, because he's cute.
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  • Julian Casablancas, because I'm a fan.
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  • Julian Casablancas, because he's cute and I'm a fan.~
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  • Who are these people? ):<
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Most Helpful Guy

  • well im straight and i make it a point to not compare beauty on this site anyway so lets look at the non-looks things...

    first guy has better clothes/style choices but looks super cocky. the second guy looks like he might be fun but a little spacey. they both look like they make music i hate. so the real question is...

    ... do you like bananas?

    • Noooo! The first guy is a really cool guy! He's like the coolest guy to meet if you're a fan! Everyone thinks that about him. :(

      I love bananas!

    • lol its just the pic. its all james dean/elvis. like the people they try to market to us everyday just cuz theyre attractive

      "ooh gurrrrl im such a brooding badboy... im troubled because i sparkle in the sunlight..."

      lol but hey i won't knock it. buy your posters girl n_n

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