Why do girls go for the guy they know is not right for them, but is the guy that asks them out?


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  • Desperation or apathy usually I guess, they either would compromise quality to just have something, or they just don't care about the consequences all that much so they're like 'yeah whatever'.


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  • Oh i don't know, maybe no one else is interested in them that they also fancy. Personal agency and all that.

    • So, desperation, basically?

    • Not necessarily. Not everyone is looking to settle down right away (or ever).

  • If I'm not looking for anything serious
    They don't have to be right
    If they're readily available and can hold decent conversation they may be used as a pass-time nothing more, nothing less

    Occasionally though a few of the guys I've used to passed time have turned into good friends and even realtionship material

    But in short theory if she's with a guy she knows isn't good for her: she probably isn't looking for anything serious at the moment, her liking him is clouding her good judgment, he's readily available, she's giving him the benefit of the doubt assuming he and/or things can change

    • by the way, why is sed guy not right for her?

    • Think you just answered that for yourself

    • Aww.. She do doesn't want a relationship
      Sorry bro..

      If that wasn't the answer to my question I don't know it then lol

  • we go for who we like. thats it.

    • Even if he's wrong for you, and you know he is

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