Fired again... how to find a job and keeping it?

This is my second time I found a job and got fired. Even though, I worked SO HARD and been friendly with a good attitude and became faster but that hasn't prevented me from getting fired.

So, I got a job as a dishwasher (not the greatest job in the world, but anywho). That S-O-B said that they won't fire anyone for performance. Fkn BS!!! Even though, I improved and became fast within 4 days... that still wasn't good enough.

How the hell can you become better in only 4 days of the job and I believe I have improved? It's ridiculous!

I'm looking for a stable job that I can forever work and not to worry in getting fired and whatnot. I've worked in food related jobs and even though, it's not my dream job but it's something keeping me busy. I, preferable, work in graphic design/illustration/print and copy/etc... but so damn hard to get into.

So, what are the best methods to find a job and keep it?


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  • You need to do your job right.


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  • Wow they only gave you 4 days to get use to your job before firing you. So you did nothing at all, you didn't talk to someone the wrong way? You where motivated and actually did your job? Turned up to work on time and all that kind of stuff?

    • I didn't do anything negative to anyone. I worked my a$$ off. I always shown before time and I was always motivated and gave them results. I started slow but started to get the hang of it.

      I didn't even slack off. Like yesterday, I didn't even had 1 second of break. Imagine working 7 hours or so on your feet and not take 1 second break. I never complained and whatnot.

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    • Yeah, he told me that he doesn't see me as a dishwasher guy because previous work, I was in Graphic Design/Art kind of jobs but the problem I have that he said he wouldn't fire anyone based on performance, he would fire if someone stole, became hostile, being unmotivated, and not showing up and I did none of that, honestly.

      I never stole, hit, came unmotivated and I always show up ahead of time. So, I guess, it's better to move on, I suppose. He gave me his number perhaps becoming friends outside of work.

    • Yes well that is strange then. The most easy thing is to move on.

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  • Anyone who assigns you to be a dishwasher: study them. If they're a middle-aged woman with a lot of wrinkles and frazzled brown hair, or a funny-looking guy with a mustache, or a bald fat blonde guy, run away from that job fast. They are full of sh*t, and their desire to ruin your life will not end just because you no longer work there.

    I speak from experience.

  • There is more to this story. Why would your former employers say that they fired you?

  • Hope someone will hire you (interview correctly) and learn from your mistakes

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