What Do You Feel About the Illuminati?

To me, it's very demonic. Especially since it requires you to kill at least one person, no matter who that person is (mom , dad, brother, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, son, etc).

I know some shows and networks support the Illuminati (the symbol being one eye and/or black and white checkered squares. And i know they play a big part with our money too. So what do u guys think of the Illuminati?


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  • If you need to kill someone off that is not good especially in the eyes of God
    i try stay away from stuff with demon related cause I'm feeding the devils ego
    i don't want go there that is no good.


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  • I didn't know that you need to kill someone in order to be part of the Illuminati. That's pretty scary and sick.
    I avoid to read or see things that are related to them, I always feel weird after that.
    If they exist, I believe that there's more people who are part of it than we think.

    • I agree. I was researching on it and i saw that they had to commit bloodshed...
      What got me thinking on the Illuminati was my fave rapper little Wayne's song "Mirror on the Wall". It was all about him being in the Illuminati and when he looked in the mirror, he barely recognized him self. He did the number three sign over one of his eyes and splattered blood red paint everywhere... it was so sick..

    • Yes, it is. I wonder what they have to do in order to be part of it. It must be horrible.

    • Yeah i know :(

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