Has anyone else had a basic memory that seems "amazing" for some reason?

It's like this. I can't explain it good.

Some things in our lives are great memories and make us happy. For example, when I went to Cancun, that was awesome! So this makes sense. However, there are times when something feels "awesome" and it was a BASIC memory. For instance, I've been to the movie theater about a billion times but for some reason, when I think about the time I saw The Bucket List back in 2007(I think it was), that memory seems awesome to me and it makes me so happy to think about it! It's like an epic, nostalgic memory! Yet, the other 999 times I've been to the movies, it seems like nothing special. Can anyone else relate?


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  • Yes! This one time I went to the Cincinnati Reds game with my dad was a decent day, yet, it seemed so epic! I've been to about 40-45 Reds games in my life lol


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  • I have my moments. My favorite childhood memory is not paying bills... ohhh those were some awesome days :')


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