Maybe: can words change lives, define choices, repair wounds, sooth the soul or render your heart speechless?

maybe some day, an incredible love of a women whom i have falling madly for will awaking this broken heart, my wounds are deep, all i feel is silence and pain, i really don't have any answers that i even know are right, my mind is just cluttered i think that im probably not ready for anything right now, i don't really mean to give God the silent treatment , i m just really tired of falling and failing and then asking Him to forgive me , im tired of pain and sadness , i really would just love to find true love and ill be honest to live happily ever after , i choose to believe in a possibility of it, that maybe i could find a women who truly loves and falls in love with me for me , and not take my shattered wounds and my very broken heart and throw it in front of a crowd and put me down , but maybe kiss my lips when i cry , and hug me when im angry, and love me when im wrong, is it possible for a broken man like me able to find the women of his dreams< its like i can see her in my mind. i mentioned it once or twice that to quiet the rage of this man, it only took like calming a just a few words of love, calming words of compassion to look me in my eyes and speak in a gentle way of love , and it would calm me , it would speak to my heart.

maybe someday

Forgive me Jesus you know everything every moment of me, every spoken word and every un shed tear, and what words hide in them.


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  • That was beautiful...


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