What do these words speak to you? do they make you feel anything?

The pain of my loneliness is realized that much more, by the acknowledgement that is, i have been forgotten, The embrace of the shadows is ever so welcoming, the quiet comfort of night is ever soothing to the unsettling sounds of my mind. sorrowing pain of my heart and soul, left to rest another hope failed day, clasping child like hands reaching for a happy dream, only left gripping the cooling warmth of an empty space, not a wander nor an asking why , just glistening eyes filling with unnoticed tears, the echoing of hope filled words linger here, they hurt the most , a brief moment of a maybe , an excited possibility of a reciprocated love, how long should i wait here excited in this time and place, how long will i have to be alone with a smile on my face, eyes light up my heart starts to race, maybe these footsteps are coming and not laving this place.


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  • They words make me feel lonely.