Blonde to dark?

I have naturally blonde hair. However, it's been darkening the older I've gotten. I dyed it a lighter blonde months ago, and now the roots are growing back in. It's hard to describe the color of the hair growing in. It's not growing in brown, it's like a caramel blonde. I think I just want to dye it dark. Would a hair stylist have some way of matching a dye to the hair that's already coming in? That way when the roots inevitably grow out, it will all be the same color. What would the pros and cons be of just speeding up the process and dyeing my hair a color similar to the roots growing in?

Just for some reference, I have fair skin and blue eyes.

Thank you!


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  • Yeah a hair colorist will absolutely be able to match the color. It wouldn't be a problem. It's also quite easy to color blonde hair to a darker color. The other way around is a bitch though. The pro's will be that it will look good and you don't have to worry about roots anymore but the con's will be to maintain the colored hair. Even colored hair will fade a bit so you'll have to likely get it re-dyed every few months for the color to come out better.

  • Just dye it all.

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