Do you believe Sandra Bland actually committed suicide? Yes or No? Why?

I have my own thoughts, but I am simply curious to know what the general population believes.

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  • I haven't seen any of the evidence from her case so I think it'd be dumb for me to say if she did or didn't kill herself


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  • to early to say yet, but the missing video footage only for an hour and a half (almost exactly!) leading up to when they found her is very very suspicious...

  • She previously attempted it, or thought of it so she could have committed suicide in jail. I don't have an opinion now cause there's not a definitive answer and I don't wanna look like a fool, like many of the people that have previously rioted or rallied when stuff like this happened and then proofed they were wrong.
    Until more is released I won't give my opinion.

    • She previously attempted due to a miscarriage, so that doesn't mean anything to me as far as her having a "history". A lot of people go into a dark place after something like that but the jail change their story twice plus the items sh supposedly hung herself with aren't even legally allowed in cells.

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    • @michael-in-sc it appears more like the officer assaulted her. She had an attitude yes but the officer said he'd "light her up" and pulled her to the side where she was obviously screaming for help and for him to stop, but I really doubt she would have just committed suicide after arrest. Granted, I'm not some close friend who grew up with her, but evidence definitely suggests foul play. There's over an hour of footage "lost" of her cell. That police station should be shut down. I just hope the officer doesn't get off with a practically clean slate because even if she did do it, he assaulted her and something most likely happened to her before her "Suicide".

    • "There's over an hour of footage "lost" of her cell."

      That's why I said, "What happened at the traffic stop really has no bearing on what happened in the holding cell, other than placing her in that cell." She didn't die at the traffic stop.

  • I believe she did based on her past attempt and depression issues, but that doesn't relieve the police officer's culpability for placing her in a situation she did not deserve to be in. She should have been issued her warning and allowed to proceed on her way. The officer's fishing for an excuse to escalate the incident so he could arrest her will come back to bite him and the department. She unknowingly consented to a "consensual interrogation" when she answered the officer's question about if she was upset. From everything I've seen, there was no reasonable suspicion which would have allowed the officer to ask that question. From there, he was simply in escalation mode.

    • I don't consider her past attempt because that was due to a miscarriage and lots of families enter a dark place after something like that. She also had been happy according to her family and shared a lot of videos about her goals. She even told the officer she couldn't wait to see him in court. Besides that, the police station changed the object she supposedly used twice. Both the objects that they said she used aren't even allowed in cells by law.

    • My neighbor was locked up in jail once. A week later he was in the hospital for a suicide attempt. He had gotten out of jail by then, but faced going back. I'm not saying him being in jail was exclusively responsible for his suicide attempt, but I'd imagine being locked (with the prospect of being locked up again) up can really mess with someone's mind in such a way as to push a vulnerable person over the edge. One cannot simply dismiss her previous attempt, just like one cannot dismiss the possibility of foul play. That's why investigations are done. And as a member of any potential grand jury, her medical and psychological records would weight heavily on any decision on whether or not to indict any department personnel. But make no mistake, from the video evidence I've seen thus far, at a minimum the officer involved will likely not have a badge before all of this is over.

    • I feel like your neighbor probably had something else going on too, but every human is different and reacts a different way so it is possible. I don't think there isn't the possibility that she did but if it did happen, I honest;y think they did something to her in jail because they've "lost" over an hour of footage of her cell when the supposed suicide happened. He mugshot also appears for her to already to be dead and you can see tape on her eyes. I just don't want this to be another case where the cops get off with an almost clean slate while someone ends up dead at their hands. Thank you for your input! (:

  • She's already attempted suicide several times before, and she posted on her FB that she was depressed and experiencing PTSD, or so she thought. The jailhouse cameras, the jailhouse witness, and the autopsy results basically confirm that she killed herself. Case closed.

    • No. She attempted once due to a miscarriage and she actually posted the contrary. There is a video of her saying she will not be one of those ignorant people who die in situations with the police. The station didn't even keep a straight story for what she supposedly used. The items they said aren't even allowed by law to be in cells and there is not footage proving her suicide. The autopsy didn't prove suicide.

    • The Harris County Medical Examiner's Officer issued their findings from Sandra Bland's autopsy, and the determined cause of death was suicide. That was their conclusion, and unless you're a forensic pathologist who's had access to her corpse, you're in no position to question it.

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  • No. What kind of woman who knows her rights and REPEATS "I can't wait to see you in court." commits suicide less than a week later? Hmmmm

  • I'm not sure... apparently it didn't seem like something she would do at all, but she did have a history of depression, and who really expects their loved ones would do something like that, so I'm not sure

    • She had a prior attempt. No one came in or out of her cell. She was on medication for depression. Autopsy shows no sign of struggle and marks around neck consistent with suicide. You can do the math.

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    • Especially if you didn't even post your own opinion. Go yap and talk non-stop on your own post.

    • See you can't even deny what I said and resort to personal attacks. Standard move of those who have no defense. Look, forensic evidence isn't a matter of people having opinions. It is hard fact.

  • Yes I do. It's an unfortunate situation. But she's an adult that made her own decision. This is a result of her actions.

    • She "made the decision" to be assaulted by an unprofessional cop on an ego trip who decided to revise her rights as he went?
      Your answer is the equivalent of a wifebeater claiming "She should have just behaved better to avoid the results." Victim-blaming is WRONG.

    • I didn't say what she went through was right. But again, she is an adult who made her own decision. And your question was did she actually commit suicde. Which I answered. No one came into her jail cell and hung her. That was all her.

      If you're asking if I think the situation was right or moral, then you need to clarify your question.

  • #sandrawasmurdered

    Fuck the Waller co police they are nothing but lying murderers

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