Any Americans on here?

when ur applying for a job, like what do they ask for? for example in BestBuy, Mc Donalds or maybe any type of store or something


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  • No, they do not ask.
    This is America everyone is expected to have a different cultural background if that is what you're asking.
    If someone asks your nationality that is off of curiosity and nothing more.
    They cannot turn you down for a job based on whether you are American or not.

    • like for example if i go to work for a few months, even on a tourist visa would they ask for things like social security number etc?

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    • oh i understand but the guy, has a son who isn't a residency as yet, an has his own business

    • He got lucky

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  • If you're dealing with customers they'll want you to speak English and if you speak Spanish or Chinese that's a big help. If you're going to handle money they'll want to make sure you know the U. S. currency and coins. Most places want you to have basic computer skills and you might be required to have a drivers license that's valid where the store is.

    In the interview they'll ask you about your work history, when you can work, and they might ask about why you left your previous job. In some places they do a background check to see if you've had legal trouble, but that depends on the job and they don't always ask that at the interview. Some jobs also do a drug screening.


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  • It depends on where you apply to but a lot of times, you will have to fill out an application with your personal information. Then they will ask about your prior work experience, why you want to work with their company, and what qualities you have to offer their company if you were to be hired. Things like that are pretty common interview questions.


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