What do you think of the show Supernatural? I think it's pretty good but has gone down since season 5. What do you think?


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  • I love Supernatural with a passion. I agree that the earlier seasons were slightly better, but it's still awesome and will probably always remain one of my all time favorite TV shows. I hope it never ends.


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  • No it's still awesome

    • I think it's still good just not as good. The first 5 seasons were one long story arc with each season leading into the next. Season 6 till 10 seem to be more random.

    • Yeah they have stumbled a bit but remember the first five seasons were written by different people. Then 6,7, and 8 yeah kind of sucked in comparison so the original writers were brought back for 9 and 10 and upcoming 11. So I think it's getting back on track.

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  • I've tried to get into it before and it's just not my thing.


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