If you knew your child would be ugly, Would you abort it?

Now, I want to point out, When i say ugly, I dont just mean below average, I mean absolutely pungent, That one kid noone wants to play with because he's so gross looking, And when they grew up the adult everyone thinks ''Ew dont fucking touch me your gross!!''.

Personally, I would abort them, I think its cruel to bring such a person into the world who will only be at a disadvantage in every aspect because of how he/she looks. Lets not forget, If you are ugly

-Jobs are harder to get (Its no secret ugly people get turned down because... who wants ugly staff?)
-Relationships are borderline impossible, If not EXTREMELY hard
-Depression/Suicide is likely, if not guranteed.

I mean, Im average ish myself, With a below average body, But, If i was like a 1/10 or 2/10, I would commit suicide instantly, And, I would hope my parents would have had the decency just to abort me so i wouldn't have to go through with the emotional pain of suicide myself.

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  • Haha guess I'm alone in this. The type of ugliness you're describing could only be attributed to some kind of genetic malformation which would create an incredibly painful life for the child.

    But yes, I would support abortion in that regard.

    • This is my point!.

      I think it would be cruel to keep a child who would be so massively disadvantaged to everyone else and thus lead a lonely and shit life as a result.

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    • Sorry i made you MHO man, It appears i opened you up to the Neg reps huh? D:

    • Eh, it's primarily a difference of opinion regarding exactly what a fetus is. They think it's a person. I think at the earliest stages of a fetus' existence, when abortion would be morally and legally viable, it isn't a person.

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  • What kind of question is thissss? Smh. No I wouldn't abort a child because of the way it looks.

    • It's a troll question.

    • @llorando

      I can assure you this is not a troll question, I am saying this honestly, Trust me.

    • It's prolife trolling, to 'expose' the (what they call) 'true motivations' of pro choice people. This question is posted on many sites.

  • Some of the most ugly looking kids turn into the most attractive adults.

    There really is no telling how gorgeous your kid will be has an adult because their appearance changes so much.
    When you have a 3 day baby... compare the photos to when that child is 3 months, features are no where near the same (the baby is unrecognizable).
    Then compare those looks to when the baby is a year old.

    The onset of puberty and hormones further changes the physical appearance.

    I am not a superficial person.
    Pregnancy isn't easy on your body... and I would love my child unconditionally from the moment I know of his/her existence inside of me.
    That connection we feel is further extended when I reach 4-5 months pregnant and I begin to feel my child kick me while inside my womb.
    There's that sign of life.
    No matter what my child looks like... that is beautiful.
    Pure innocence.
    The child is born as a clean slate only later being corrupted by society to hate his/her physical appearance that he would have never associated with being ugly (if not told so).
    There are worse things a child can be born with like mental retardation, or physical handicap.
    I wouldn't abort my child.
    I'd love him/her regardless.

    • I dont mean, They will be a ugly child, I mean, if the technology was there, And you could see what your child would look like all the way up to their old age, And they looked absolutely repulsive throughout the entire thing, You would still have it?

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    • An abortion done properly won't mess up your body.

      And no, with good parenting and solid development a normal kid will grow into a healthy adult. This has been consistently proven by various studies. I don't feel like sourcing them but I can probably seek some out if you're genuinely interested. If your once-normal kid is all fucked up then that's your fault as a parent.

      To rebut your last argument about people deformed later in life, do you know what the suicide rates of those people are? Something like 15 times higher than normal.

    • I completely disagree with you.
      "It takes a whole village to raise a child".
      You as a parent can only do so much.
      You can provide a healthy foundation for your child, but there comes a point where a child is influenced by their peers can may go against your wishes.
      Children spend more time at school than they do at homes with their parents.
      This is where the whole nature vs. nurture argument comes from.

  • No way. That's not a valid reason for an abortion and it's an abuse of the procedure. You can't even clearly see a baby's facial features in the ultrasound so how would you even know they were ugly? All babies are fat and wrinkly for the first few months of life anyways.

    Terminating the pregnancy because you think your kid is going to be ugly is just as bad as the people who terminate because the fetus is the wrong gender (usually female) or because it has a genetic condition that can be managed in life.

    • No... if its the wrong gender, big deal, they can have a normal life
      If they have a genetic condition / ugly, They are going to be born with a ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE disadvantage over everyone else from the get-go.

    • That is still not a valid reason to abort the pregnancy. You're just as bad as the women who use abortion as birth control.

    • If you don't want to have ugly kids, wrap your dick up and make sure your partner is on the pill or something.

  • Well firstly you won't know how physically good looking a baby will be once they grow up so uhm that makes no sense.

    Secondly beauty can be subjective and there are always ways to improve oneself.

  • No I would not.. you don't kill a living being because of their appearance..

    • Even if they would spend their entire life depressed and only kill themselves in adulthood?

    • Yeah.. that's up to them.. I cannot be a murderer

  • I do not believe in abortion for me. (other people can do what they want) puberty exists and my baby is more than just a face

    • Puberty would do nothing in this case, They would remain a 1/10 for their entire life.

    • My opinion rests the same

  • I saw some ugly people as the richest people on the planet.

    • What kind of message is that though? ''Here son, Your ugly as fuck, But it dosent matter, just get rich and people will like you only because of your money but they will still think you look vile''...

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    • Get surgery if you feel you are so deformed.

    • I never say beauty is the eye of the beholder here. It's what all the generic teens and some middle aged people would say here... *Oh wow he's so amazing*

  • That has to be one of the dumbest reason to consider an abortion. The only time I would do it is if I were raped or got told by doctors that I'll die giving birth.

  • This question is seriously fuck-ed up man.

  • No, I would not abort my baby for being ugly. Puberty might do wonders. Who knows maybe my child will turn out to be decent looking or even attractive.

  • Hell no :|

    • I'm glad that it was just 1 guy who said "yes" on the poll

    • Its odd how many people are saying no 0_o

    • It's a good thing that men can't force their significant others into an abortion. Children shouldn't be aborted over stupid reasons like that. If anything your genetics are what made them look that way, so it's your fault. ._.

  • That's just wrong dude -_-

  • Wtf? I'd never do that...

  • Dude, you need to grow up


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  • this is NOT Sparta.

  • Ugly is a bad fate, but I wouldn't abort. I would just teach my kid to make a shit load of cash, hit the gym and be powerful all round.

  • No I wouldn't. Anyone one who does needs serious mental help.

    • Damn, I dont see why its such a bad thing? If i knew my child would be like a 1/10 look wise throughout its entire life, Surely aborting it would be doing them a favour?

    • I don't think so, it's just weird anti choice propaganda.

  • is a human and to abort is not ok because u do not see by a child if it would be urgly in the future

  • Well, how to say it?

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    • @ Asker
      Did you get a list of questions of this kind to post on the internet or did you figure it out all alone?

    • I just Googled it: about the same question on Reddit, on Yahoo answer, on many other sites. Not a coincidence.

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