Why are people so critical of my vegan diet?

I don't really understand. What's so bad about it?

When I was 14, i was diagnosed with cancer. My dad is a doctor and he did he research on it and he suggested instead of going for the traditional chemo therapy we try switiching to a raw vegan diet with shots vitamin C.
And it worked. So I've been eating like that ever since. I kept it completley for about 4 years and now for the past 4 years I've been adding starchy vegetables, grains and legumes back in and it's going great for me

That's the story and you know I'm slim and fit and occasionally people ask what I do and I tell them. It's not a secret. But always almost reactions are negative. People ask where I get my protein from and that it's not healthy and that I shouldn't do it. Everytime I go out with friends they're trying to get me to try cheese or meat or milk. Men, even worse. Typical first or second date is obviously having dinner so it's hard to get, because I tell them I need to go somewhere where they have vegan options and there were a few guys who said "this whole vegan thing isn't gonna work for me". What's their problem?

Even worse when I talk to other people who have to deal with cancer they react the same way, saying they would never do it. And I just wonder why? What do they have to lose?


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  • People are always afraid of what's different and we don't understand.
    I trained as a chef in the days when it was still a sin to be a vegetarian then vegens joined the club even though vegetarian and vegans have been round for such a long time.
    I sopose it goes back when we men go out kill beast bring back cook eat.
    next time someone says something to you about it tell them to pipe the fuck down.
    it's got sod all to do with anyone else what you eat or don't eat.
    as long as you're happy that's all that matters in life.


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  • I'm a vegetarian, I know it's a completely different thing, but people always react the same way as you just explained. 'What? Where do you get your protein from? Isn't that like super bad for you? But I don't care, because I believe in what I do and I feel okay? You should just not worry so much about people trying to get to change your believes or likes/dislikes. I totally understand why you wouldn't eat meat or other animal products. But that's me, 70% of the people wouldn't understand, and if you don't make your peace with the fact that people have different believes you're just going to continue feeling weird about it. Screw people that don't want to be with you because you're vegan. Like, that's just sad


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  • I'm pretty skeptical. Your father is an MD and recommended what would be a scientifically proven useless diet switch over the most successful treatment option we currently have to treat cancer?

    What kind of cancer? What kind of MD is your dad? Where did he go to school? Where does he practice now?

  • Tbh, From a biological point of view, Being a vegan is pretty fucking stupid.

    Your body will lack SOOOOOOOOOOO many important nutrients. I mean... Humans are Omnivores for a reason, We need meat just as much as we need veggies, its just as unhealthy to not eat meat as it is to not eat veggies.

    • There's actually not any research stating we are meant to be omnivores, there is a good bit saying we are herbivores. There's nothing wrong with not eating meat

      What nutrients would I be lacking?

      But yours is the exact reaction a lot of people have

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    • Our teeth are that of omnivores. Incisors for biting and tearing meat and the back teeth for grains and other things that need grinding.

    • @GirlScoutsRevenge I'll start believing that when I see someone kill a cow and tear it apart with their teeth. But that doesn't happen, we need tools to do what our teeth or claws can't
      Even pig have huge canine teeth arbl.cvmbs.colostate.edu/.../labpiglatman.jpg

      And @ Riggers we cook meat because it makes us less likely to die from it. And we never ate a diet that was as heavy on meat as the one we eat now. Meat is an unreliable calorie source, one that goes bad as well there is no advantage to eating meat over plants unless you have to (like in arctic climates)

  • How was it worked? Vegan diet effects in the similar way as chemo therapy, they're all killing the cancer along with the body. being a vegetarian would bring the skin a little tarnished, when you get injured or something, your body can't reproduce enough blood for you, and also has its good way, away from all the artificial hormone and pesticide in the meat.
    There isn't any reason, people would get mean with somebody different from them or what they known in common sense.

  • I don't know what their problem is, its just food and vegan food is fucking deliciousness! who would have thought vegans could make a meatball sub that actually fucking tastes bomb!

  • I'm glad it worked for you. Obviously it was worth going vegan in your particular case.
    Normally, people criticise vegan diets because the idea of veganism is to save animals & suffering.
    The problem with the this claim of vegans is that a vegan diets put more pressure on arable (crops) land, which there is much less of than pasture land.
    And by area, arable land that is used for agriculture (growing grains and vegetables) kills more animals than horticulture (livestock on pastureland).
    So vegans should not be claiming the moral high ground over omnivores, because vegans have more blood on their hands by making that choice.
    Feeding the whole planet on a vegan diet is also much less possible than the evolved, balanced omnivorous diet which makes use of all types of land the most efficiently. So veganism is also something poor people can not afford. It is a twisted moral choice of the wealthy.

    • Have you ever thought about what those animals you eat, eat? For the most part, not grass They have to be grown somewhere and they eat way more than you do.
      Over 1/3 of corn goes to life stock, 40% to fuel and only the rest is consumed directly. It takes about 7kg of grains to produce on 1kg of beef.

      I don't see how that is more effective or saving any land?

    • You are not taking into account calories created for human consumption through conversion of grass to meat.
      You also aren't taking in to consideration that not all livestock are grain and corn fed, in fact the standard is majority pasture fed livestock. Humans can not eat grass, so , yeah.
      Also you are not taking into account crop quality - most grains fed to cattle are not suitable for human consumption.
      I am actually against feed lots where livestock are fed speed food like corn and grains.
      Fortunately where I live, the conditions for almost all livestock are very good and feed lots are not commonplace. This state should be encouraged in places like the USA.
      So, when you take in to account all the pasture fed livestock, if you were to take that away, the impact on calories required by humans from arable land would be catastrophic. i. e. there would not be enough arable land on the planet to feed everyone.
      The displacement of wildlife due to this endeavor would be mass extinction.

  • Now I can understand vegetarians but vegans are weird because they refuse to eat anything that even comes from an animal which is unnatural. And then they talk about how great it is and annoy everybody else about it.

    • Clothes, cars, televisions, radio, space travel, condoms, roads, electric guitars; here are some things that are unnatural. Not to mention all processed foods. It's a really bad argument. Especially considering that herbivore animals, i. e. most animals on earth, don't eat any animal products either, naturally.

      Also worth noting that raising cattle or fowl indoors, in environments where they can't move, fattening them so much that their legs can't support their weights, pumping them full of antibiotics so they don't die from the horrible crowded conditions, feeding them corn or animal remains, slaughtering them by the billions every year... is definitely, very very unnatural.

  • Ik I get the same reaction. For some reason people think protein didn't exist outside of meat

  • I understand in your specific case it was because of your cancer so I would never dare make you feel bad for it, and I actually find it impressive.
    So you're kind of an exception really.

    but for the others... who chose to become vegan for no reason...


    I dated a vegetarian girl. Not even vegan. Just vegetarian. And it was already annoying in our everyday life. So I can imagine how worse it would be, with a vegan.
    And the problem is also the reputation of vegan / vegetarian people.

    Especially vegans. They are suffering from a reputation being SMUG fucktards.

  • Vegans generally eschew animal products not for health reasons (there aren't any demonstrable health benefits) but for moral ones. If you are getting a benefit from eating a vegan diet it is a placebo effect. They think they do not harm animals and this makes them morally superior but we all kill animals just by living. They are delusional.

  • It would be hypocritical of me to be critical of you, I've had people who the same stupid questions every time we together which gets annoying. Most of my friends aren't like that fortunately.

    I've never had a girl try to get me to eat meat on a date, but I have had a couple who seem shocked when they find out... and no interest in seeing me again.

  • Firstly sorry to hear about that hope you r ok now 😊👍🏻 second people generally don't accept things they don't understand, people are ignorant in that whole protein thing actually because there is a lot of protein in beg and all. They just don't care about what they don't understand is all ignore them and keep going at it

    • ya but have you asked people to explain how exactly chemotherapy works? Most don't understand that either, yet they're happy with that

    • Yea because that is the standard norm for treatment and u didn't say that u explain y u do it to people and it's not just u they question they say the same thing to all people on vegan diets

  • can you please give more details on your natural reovery? i beg you. as much info as you can. and congrats on your dad that while a western doctor was open minded enough to turn to nature.

    • well there is really not much to it.
      I just ate ridiculous amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables for about a year until it was completely gone. And then I kept doing it at normal calorie intake
      Light exercise, always outside. I went swimming but not in pools.

      And then vitamin C shots, pretty straight forward as well

    • do you have any sort of proofs about your claims? it would be highly appreaciated.

    • Well just myself really. There are other cases though if you look into it

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  • Hahaha. I don't buy it. No doctor would put food in front of Medicine and Science.

    • were you being sarcastic?

      It's sometimes hard to tell over the internet

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    • I think (being a vegetarian myself) that food can PREVENT many health problems but saying that it can actually cure it's far from the truth. Food is not a fucking medicine. Meds are meds food is food. Otherwise why would we be now able to live up to 100 years when when we used to eat just food and we had no meds we used to live just 30 years? You're talking nonsense. As many vegans do. No wonder many people can't stand you.

    • 30 is an average number. that's misleading because many people died within the first few months of their lives. Infant mortality was insane.
      Those that survived puberty didn't die by natural cause often until they were the same age we are now.

      I agree medicine is great, for everything accute. You chop your hand off with an axe, you go to hospital they sew it back on and you're great. It's amazing really. But it's equally pathetic at treating chronic diseases. All they can do is treat the symptoms.
      If you have a chronic disease, you will be on medication the rest of your life.

  • It just goes to show how afraid people are of a different kinds of food choice.

    For those who try to get you to eat something different... you just triggered their controlling nature. This need to control because they are are not used to your style of food... is absurd and ridiculous.

  • Obviously being vegan is easier then getting cancer. You did the right thing and I think others would also do that if they were in your situation and knew it would work - which you have proof of since you survived.

  • I don't care of people are vegan its when vegans try to push there lifestyle choice on me.

    I prefer not to date a vegan. I like going out to eat and cooking for my partner, its hassle I rather not have to deal with.

  • its not healthy

    humans still need meat

    • they don't and never have. Humans have survived on a variety of diets

  • It's unethical for your father to treat his own daughter.

    • He suggested the treatment, he didn't do it.

      What kind of parent doesn't do research when their kid gets sick?

    • unethical is to profit billions on people's suffering and death by dangerous chemicals and radiations.

    • Well, your father is clearly not a good doctor. I feel sorry for his patients.