I'm going to holland?

I've got a room but what would you recommend to take with it any recommendations and tips are welecomed.

What are people over there, prices?



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  • Well take with you some clothing against the rain and warmer clothing. It's not always very sunny here (like right now there's this massive storm). The people, it depends where you are. In Amsterdam, most people are actually very open and start a conversation with you. More to the east of the country, they're less open. I've only heard positive reactions from tourists about Dutch people so yeah.. oh, and almost everyone speaks English so that's easy for you.
    The prices, some things are expensive and some are not. Like bread, milk, yoghurt and stuff is quite cheap, but going out to dinner is very expensive. I recommend you to just not go out to dinner or go to a student restaurant or something. Unfortunately, our kitchen is not that great and overly expensive. Nobody really goes out to dinner a lot.
    If you need any more information, you could send a private message.


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  • I don't have much more to to what @spuitkaas said. Sudden weather changes are common so take along various summer and winter clothes, emphasis on the warmer clothes.

    Also, Dutch people are used to speaking in a very direct manner. Cursing is not as frowned upon as in countries like America, and Dutch friends and families aren't afraid to comment on each other's appearance in a negative fashion. Don't mistake our directness for rudeness. It's simply the way things are here.

    I don't know a whole lot about partying culture but it's very common for a group of friends to either split the bills or pay separately. 'Going Dutch' is a saying for a reason. Also Dutch girls in general aren't afraid to flirt. That directness had upsides too.

  • A lot of rain now so an umbrella would be usefull...

    Any advice needed just ask me

    • oh can't message you on private :/ thanks for info.
      I heard that there's quite depressive weather people are mostly also indoors, they are quite cold and educated. The parties are awesome they have many awesome dj's but culturally is not rich

    • On dayz like this people stay inside but if the rain is gone and the sun shines again, we try to enjoy every minute of it. I am not really a party animal so can't say something about that.

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