Was this legit?

I live in the UK , me any my ex split and I got messy !! We sent silly texts to each other in anger. I recieved a text from the police asking for me to contact them. He lives 3 hours away. I called the number and asked for the police officer that was sent in the message. I told the person what had happened and he said not to contact my ex which I haven't !! I told him my side of the story etc and things have been left. Was this legit? Do police text?


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  • In the UK, police will go to your house and arrest you for making anti-muslim facebook posts.

    Everything is legit there, have fun dining with the Mad Hatter and March Hare.

  • I think that was a setup... a phone prank

    • The reason why I think it's true is because the man I was seeing didn't know my real name !! But the message states my real name so could be legit?

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    • Again, I dont think police ever texts, anywhere... but maybe I'm wrong

    • May I ask if you want to know each other, as friends?

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