Do you ever get sad out of nowhere?

It happens to me quite often. For example, this morning I woke up feeling really sad and I don't even know why? I should be happy because I spent the night with someone I love and had a pretty good week but I can't. And then I started feeling guilty for feeling sad, which made me feel worse and then I started thinking of all the shit that's happening and I'm feeling even worse now.
Does that happen to you or am I insane?

  • Yes it happens to me. It's normal
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  • Yes happens to me but we're both fucked up
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It's been ike this all day. I'm sick of it.
Wow, it's been 5 days :/


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  • It happens to a lot of people, but it's not normal at all. It's a clear sign of clinical depression. Everybody gets sad, but when you start getting sad for no reason you need to see a psychologist.

    • I get told I should see a psych for DIFFERENT reasons almost weekly and it's really frustrating because I can't afford one right now.

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    • If it's too expensive I understand, but it does sound like a serious problem. Just be careful you don't become suicidal.

    • I've thought about it many times, specially when I was younger but I don't think I'd ever do it, so it's fine. Thanks!

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  • Sometimes I get the feelings of being alone in the world, where I feel like I'm just floating along but nothing really is going on or changing. Or like I'll always be alone. It does make me sad, so I try to write songs and I write about it in a dark quiet room. That usually helps me feel a bit better to sort the feelings out. When I get like that, I just want to be alone from the world. I guess that is just my introvertish nature at work.

    Often times, there is a reason, but we just don't understand it ourselves. You aren't insane. We just put our masks for society on but every once in awhile they slip a bit. Just find something to do, whether it is talking to a friend, or listening to a sad song, or writing like what I do, to try and sort through what you feel.

    I wish you luck :)

    • Thanks. Don't you hate feeling lonely? I feel that way most of time and hate it. It's the worst feeling.

    • Yeah, when it strikes it is awful.

    • It's even worse when you feel that way while you're sorrounded with people lol it makes no sense

  • yeah everytime i think about my past-actions... i might get a little bit sad even if i have a good time atm :(

    by the way lu chose nice username... very funny hahhaahha :)

  • There's always starting with somewhere. Just pretty hard to make yourself aware.

    • I was ok last night, tho. I went out, had a good time, felt loved, it was great. It started out of nowhere when I opened my eyes this morning.

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    • sometimes i was in some dramatic dreams, then i woke up and started feeling depression due to the contrast , the brain couldn't take it well , thought it was still in dreams.

    • I'm sure that's not my case. It doesn't always happen after waking up. Sometimes it's in a random moment through the day.

  • Yes, same thing happens to me and wish i had a clue what causes it

  • it does happen sometimes, I think we both need to deal with some issues


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  • It happens to me sometimes, I hate it, whyyy

  • there was a question like this and soeone mentioned ovulation