What is the best state to live in America?

For a foreign guy who wants to live the American dream, the one with the best job opportunities and best for education and lifestyle and not racist


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  • California is pretty open minded. But I've only been to California, Nevada, and Hawaii. But in my area we're pretty accepting, from race to sexuality to religion.


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  • dude really "american dream" lol.. there is no such as American dream..

    • What is it, if not the American dream

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    • Ok, please explain

    • dude i pretty much explained everything! u can get dream life bascially in any countries, but whatever suits man

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  • Alaska, beautiful and amazing. But if say northen oregon like Portland or Seattke are nice too. I like the pacific NW but nothing beats alaska the last frontier. Aka the land of the midnight sun aka the 907

  • Tough call, the less racist the more liberal the more liberal the better education but the worse job opportunities and cost of living, generally speaking.

    • Generally, yes. But not sure why you think the job opportunities are worse.

      And I say the west coast of the U. S.

    • It's a very broad generalization but I think if you compare cost of living to pay most (excepting some rust belt cities like Detroit) of the the Midwest and South (the conservative parts) are probably easier places to earn a living. This is particularly true of housing, a major part of anyone's expenditure.