[Fun Test] What Is Your Personality?

I took this test on YouTube and I thought it was fun, so I wanted to share it with GaG :)

(Note: Please only 7 people must try this test here xD)


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  • Hell, I'm bored anyways so let's do it.

    Question 1
    tiger, horse, sheep, pig, cow

    Question 2
    dog: loyal
    cat: cuddly
    rat: sneaky
    coffee: hot
    sea: beautiful

    Question 3
    lolz I'm just gonna do GAGers then
    yellow: @anon1999
    orange: @piubelloamante
    red: @aledeeurope
    white: @hookingswan
    green: @ihav2fart

    Question 4
    favorite number: 9
    favorite day of the week: Saturday

    first interpretation

    priorities in life:
    1. pride
    2. family
    3. love
    4. money
    5. career

    not sure if 100% accurate, but the last two could definitely be true :O

    second interpretation

    - your description of dog implies your own personality.
    I put loyal, and yeah, I'd like to think I am hella loyal.
    - your description of cat implies the personality of your partner.
    I would indeed like to have a cuddly partner.
    - your description of rat implies the personality of your enemies.
    sneaky! yeah, sure. my enemies are pretty sneaky.
    - your description of coffee is how you interpret sex.
    hot. haha okay.
    - your description of the sea implies your own life.
    beautiful. nah, this isn't really true.

    third interpretation

    apparently I will never forget @anon1999, someone I consider my true friend is @piubelloamante, @aledeeurope is someone I truly love, @hookingswan is my twin soul, and @ihav2fart is someone I will remember for the rest of my life 8)

    damnnnn! it might as well be true :o

    lol bye i'm done this was indeed interesting

    • That's awesome I love the color yellow!!! Yay I'm unforgettable lol

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    • @Ihav2fart of course! I'm open-minded to loving old folks.

    • Okayyy Old AF it is!

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  • Sorry don't believe in chain mails.

    • It's just a video on YT, you don't really have to send it to everyone. What exactly do you mean?

    • Why do exactly 7 have to answer - I saw last frame of video

    • I'm just kidding.. Didn't you see the xD smiley?
      Everyone may answer as they like lol

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  • I'm too lazy or i just don't want to do that:D

    • :P It's fun though

    • And you can skip through the questions and pause where necessary, so it will only take about 3 minutes instead of 9

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  • That was a complete bust. They werent clear on number 2, so i did it wrong. But on numbers 1 and 3 they didn't get anything right.

    • Describe each of the following words in 1 word seems clear to me.
      It was just for fun, they did get a lot right when I did the test. I just wanted to share this with you and maybe it would give people some insight in who they are.

    • I thought it meant to find a word that could describe all of them. So i spent like ten minutes trying to figure out some kind of similarity between all of the words. So i put running.

      Then i realized i had to use a different word to describe each of them.

      And as for number 1, i put Pride, family, career, money, love. When in reality I'm 100% sure that it would be Love, pride, money, career, family.

      And number three didn't work because apparently someone I barely know is my best friend, I'm straight, yet I'm in love with one of my guy friends. And then for some reason yellow meant "someone you will never forget" and green meant "someone you will always remember" isn't that the same thing?

    • Yes the one with the colours was a bit vague for me aswell, that one didn't work out for me partially. But the others did.

      Anyway, I hope you had some fun