Do you think I have the right to be pissed off?

I had a Birthday last Sunday on the 19th of July. My younger sister told me should
would give me my birthday money on the 25th of July which is today. She even
said that on my birthday. So today comes my mother and I went to pick her up
from her job, she then goes to the ATM machine at the bank takes out money
here I am thinking ok she's gonna give me the money? Nope says and gives
nothing. I got pissed becasue she found a way to buy a Michale Kors watch
that cost $250.00 the same day she told me she'd give me and our older
sister our BD money we're 3 days and 5 years apart. The thing is before this
she never even wore or cared for watches now all of a sudden she's buy
them? I told our mother she'd did this on purpose so she wouldn't have to
give anything to us. I live off a disability income and still give and find ways
to give birthday and Christmas gifts. I'm about to say screw everyone else.


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  • Yes, I would be pissed.
    Why would you promise to gift someone something and not do it?
    It's not like she is having financial strain when she bought a watch.
    I wouldn't make a big deal out of this though.
    I just wouldn't expect anything from her any more (even if she said it).
    I also wouldn't put much thought into giving her a birthday gift either.
    I'll probably leave it as simple as a card.

    • The thing is her birthday is in June and I gave it. I even get into arguments with out grandmother because
      she says she never has any money lol. She always does.

    • Well... next June will come faster than you know.
      And then you can do the same.
      I call this being fair.
      Why should I go out my way to give someone a gift? When they gave me nothing? And pretty much flaunted in my face they had the money?

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  • Ask your mother to LEND you the birthday money and tell her you will pay her back when you get more money.

    • This has nothing to do with my mother my sister works even when she's had three jobs at one
      time I got nothing.

  • Yes you have the right to be pissed off😈


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  • Not really a big fan of exchanging gifts like that. If you give her $100 as a birthday present, then later she gives you $100 for your birthday present, then numerically, what is the point? No one is up any money. You are both financially right back to where you started. So who cares about a giving gifts? It is just the thought that counts anyway. Just get each other a funny birthday card.

    • I get where your coming from but she told me she was gonna give it. I even said the same thing about my
      cousin's who work and I would get nothing in return not even a card. Even if their was nothing in the card
      at least I know they took the time to care.

    • On her birthday, don't buy her anything and buy yourself something nice and make sure she knows it.

  • No, she doesn't want to give you money you don't have the right to be mad it's her money she can do what ever she wants with it

    • WTF? She told me she would three times. Even said told me on my birthday? Don't feel sorry for her. She
      has money to buy $80 shirts, $100 jeans, $250.00 watches but can't give her own flesh and blood anything
      for their birthday? I live of a disability income and still give. So don't give me that crap.

    • It doesn't work that way, just because she has money doesn't mean she has to give you some you'r a grown man not a small kid no one has to give you money, if you don't like your income go look for a better job don't blame your sister for doing well

    • You sound like an ass. She's 23 not a kid either. She's had three jobs at one time and
      still never gave. The point is you don't tell someone your gonna give someone somthing
      and don't do it.

  • Seems a bit mean by your younger sister - I would be annoyed.

    • She's 23 and has money. Hell when she got her first care three years ago out older sister got
      tricked into paying for it.