Full Sail Graduates - Anyone?

Do have job with the degree? But mostly creative-writing-bachelors - are there any of online? And was your degree from full sail worth the expense?


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  • I have a creative writing minor at my college. They don't offer it as a major, and for a good reason. You can't really *teach* someone how to write creatively. You can show them different styles and tones, but its ultimately what you want to do. All the classes I've been in was 'read these pieces from other authors, write your own piece, have the class critically analyze it.' All of that can be done on your own.

    If I were you, I'd get a Literature major with a focus (concentration) on creative writing. Also go get "Fiction Writer's Workshop" by Josip Novakovich, "The Practie of Poetry" by Robin Behn & Chase Twichell, and "The Best American Short Stories" by Jennifer Egan (2014). Great books for exercises, ideas, and other good examples to follow.

    In truth, I'm a Biology major and only write as a hobby. My poems and prose are frequently in a local magazine, and I made sure to keep in touch with other writers. The only real difficult thing in the writing world is getting someone to publish your work and someone else to edit it.

    I did not go to Full Sail, but there are plenty of online programs to get a degree. Do some research, find other programs aside from Full Sail, and make the choice you think is best. Good luck to you!

    • Thank you soo much. The books you suggested kick ass totally!! :) :) Appreciate It.

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  • there are lots of online degrees.


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