New Acoustic Guitar?

Wondering if anyone knows anything about acoustics. I'm looking for a new one to replace whatever the heck this is. I have small hands and my "beginner" guitar is any guitar player's worst nightmare. I don't like the sound or feel of mini or folk guitars. I wish I did. The body size does not bother me especially since I like the deeper more rich sound. It's just the neck width and not even the length. Drives me crazy and when I have to play a barre chord I hiss and crawl into a corner. XP
I do a little more than half of picking, and the rest strumming. (and when I do strum I'm kinda rough)
Literally it isn't anywhere close to flat it literally buldges out in the back an inch like why?
So do any of you (especially girls or anyone with small hands) have any good guitars for small hands?

I ended up getting a Seagull and it's my baby! A healthy baby boy! Haha no but thanks for your answers and suggestions. I did try some lighter strings and it made a world of difference. Oh my even touching some of the Martins made me cringe, I'm not worthy!


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  • It'll get easier with time. Unfortunately, I don't know of another size of guitar. You might try a lighter-gauge set of strings. That should help out a bit.

    If all else fails, you could try your local guitar shop and see what they might have on hand.


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  • I think Tanglewood do excellent acoustics with a great sound to them, especially the dreadnoughts. But of course they're more than likely not for you in this case. I learned to play with a classical, but when I went for my first acoustic I headed straight for Tanglewood (a TSF Evolution) . Turns out I had a similar issue with the size so I got a similar model from Ibanez (AEG10 II) and its perfect for me. I really do suggest you try one. Also, Martin are really great quality with a beautiful sound but are very expensive. Good luck!


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  • Ugh, I have small hands too. It's a nightmare for me playing my acoustic, it makes my wrist hurt.

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