How to deal with post year abroad blues?

I just got home after nearly 11 months of being abroad. I had heard a lot of people talking about it and read some articles before about how difficult it can be to make the transition back to life at home after being away so long but I didn't imagine it would be this hard.
Don't get me wrong it's been great to see my family and my friends but it just feels so... stagnant. Like nothing much has really changed here this past year but I have. I was lying in bed last night in my old room and thinking "man, it feels like I never even left, it was all just an elaborate dream or something" Obviously I know it happened, I've got the memories, photos and new friends to show for it but it all feels so far away. Doesn't help that I met an absolute sweetheart of a guy right near the end of my time abroad.

Suffice it to say this has DEFINITELY made me want to travel more but the fact is I've got two years left of university that I'Ve got to finish. No more big big trips until it's done. I am however planning a trip to do over the holidays.

To anyone who's ever experienced something similar, how did you deal with it? Any tips on making the transition and not going crazy?


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  • I actually had to meditate a lot to deal with it! And communication helps too.

    • communication about how you're feeling after being back you mean?